Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I went through a phase for over a week that had me wanting to leave here and go back to the States NOW! Things that are just annoying usually were really annoying. I have mostly gotten over that. I'll start looking at airfares and the calendar to get the tickets for my trip home, probably in September. Not sure if I'll go for one week or two. If I go for one week I could go back again before the end of the year. When I make up my mind I'll buy the ticket. For around $600 I can go home for a few days. I'm thinking the longer I'm here the more important that is getting.

I got my bamboo knitting needles from just as they said I would. I haven't knit with them as I'm still working on the sweater, but I really like them. I also got the yarn to finish the sweater that I ordered from and it was just as advertised as well. Both places shipped to my APO box, which some places on-line won't. That is especially appreciated. So, I can endorse both places. No affiliate links or anything, just a satisfied customer. :)

I think my microwave died finally this weekend. My $15 Goodwill microwave that I've had for at least 3 years. Wish there was a Goodwill down here to get another used one, but I'll spend at least $80 at the PX tomorrow. At the moment it is the only way to 'cook'. I now need to actually order a propane 2 burner car-camping stove to use as my stove top. I keep putting it off for some reason. However, I've been relegated to peanut butter sandwiches all weekend as my only real food with no way to warm things up.

Other than commenting on my (lack of) housework lately, that is all that is going on. I'll just say that with the windows open because of no air conditioning the floors get really dirty. I have white tile on all the floors, and I have to sweep/mop every week, and I get up so much dirt when I sweep. Heck, I never did vacuum my carpets this much before! Then again, this is a really dusty country.


  1. I don't usually post this kind of stuff, but i saw this on tv today. I want it for the rv.
    Watch the video and see how neat this is.

  2. My wife read your blog and went to that site you had listed. She likes crafts and has looms, weaving machines, and loves to crochet. Sounds like you need a break. Come back to the U.S. and get refreshed.

  3. Would a short trip to the U.S. make it even harder to go back to Honduras? How long are you committed to staying there? You mentioned it previously but I can't remember.