Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Still around

I'm just quiet. Lots of stuff is caught up. Now I'm catching my breath. I'm reading blogs and commenting. I'm cleaning and thinking and planning. The end of being here is so close I can almost taste it. But, it's still 10 months away, and I don't want to get too immersed in it yet. I'm more planning a route and setting my sights. Then I'll get back to cleaning up the details around here. My heart isn't in it here anymore, though.

First large payment on the last credit card. I want to count the days till it's paid off, but I stop. Too much can go too wrong, it has before. Among those things is the house. The new realtor has gotten some rental money out of the tenants, not enough for them to be current. They are working to get financing to buy the place. Once that is determined, either the current tenants buy it (WOO HOO) or they are evicted. We pick up the pieces from that and sell that sucker. This realtor makes things happen. I'm optimistic on the eventual outcome. However, I may need to put a lot of money that direction to make it happen. That probably won't affect my leave date, but may affect the date that everything is paid off and how soon I need to find a new job once I'm back in the States.

All other plans from that point on are castles in the air. I'm working, as Henry David Thoreau said, to put foundations under them.


  1. It is always wise to have a good foundation. I am sure you will. Good luck.

  2. Did not know you were only 10 months away from coming home.

    At least you are close to getting rid of your house, wish I were in your shoes.