Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting through

Some times you just gotta go through rather than around or over. Nothing is wrong on a practical level. I'm taking small steps working towards improvement in my attitude. I have my airplane tickets to go home the first of September for 2 weeks. I also bought a new microwave, $90 since I went with the nicer one. The smaller one for half that price was knobs instead of electronic controls, and is the cheaper house brand of the PX. Not all bad, and would have done well enough if it was all they had. I just decided that I could sell the nicer one, or even take it back with me when I leave and feel better about it. At any rate, I can now 'cook' again.

I did go to the link on the induction cooktops. I even called to order the buy one, get one for S&H, with a cooking kit thrown in for S&H. So, it came out this way, $100 for one induction cooktop, with $29.xx S&H, for $130. Add in the free one for another $30 S&H (may have been a couple of dollars cheaper, like maybe $26), so we are up to around $160. The nice cook kit of 2 skillets and a pot with steamer, etc. was included with only S&H, but that was $70 or maybe $59, and I've rounded up twice. At any rate, we are up over $200 now, and that is only 1 cook kit, which they imply you can get two kits and you can for an extra S&H. So, at almost $300 for what I originally thought would be less than $150 (way less!), I decided not to bite. One of the benefits of a propane stove is that I can cook when the electricity is off, which happens often here. No, I haven't ordered that, either.

I'm working on eating right and keeping my money expenditures down and just putting one foot in front of the other. Time is going by way fast so it will be September soon. I also sent out 5 resumes for jobs in the US today. Murphy being what he is I may end up with a return ticket I don't use. But, Murphy being what he is, it wouldn't work out even that well.

DD, I'm glad your wife enjoyed the links I posted, and I'm touched she reads my blog. Gypsy, I don't know if going home will make being back here worse. I just know I need a break.


  1. Eating well is very important. My wife reads blogs but does not comment. She enjoys yours.

  2. I am so happy to be able to cook the foods I like again. I'm OD'ing on wild caught fish, fresh organic veggies, etc. But right now I'm really crashing from that long drive home.

    I hope the vacation refreshes you and while it might not make it easier to come back to Honduras, at least you will have the US experience to keep i the forefront of your mind. Just keep your eye on the prize, as they say.