Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chugging Along

I sent out a bunch of on-line applications. So far the contracting world is unimpressed that I'm available. Oh, well. Just getting started is the best thing to do. If my resume isn't out there, no one will see it. I need to do a cover letter. For some reason I am fighting that. It will help, no doubt, to have one. It's on the list.

I removed a couple of blogs from my blog list, sadly, as the writers had passed on from this world. It made me sad to see them at the bottom of the list, no longer to be updated. I have this weekend added a few more. A lot of times I troll other bloggers blog lists, and if I find myself spending as much time clicking off their list as I do my own I figure it is time to add those blogs to my own list. I do have an eclectic (thank you spell check) list as my interests are fairly wide ranging. I am mostly following full time RV'ers, though, as that is where I hope to end up.

Last weekend was a 3 day weekend, and I spent it in Teguc at the InterContinental. The casinos were very, very good to me. Here's hoping that the trend continues while I'm in Las Vegas. I have that RV lifestyle to fund, you know. I was double upgraded at the hotel since my original upgraded room was not yet ready when I arrived. My special front desk guy showed up and suddenly I was on my way to the Jr. Suite on the top floor. Separate living room with it's own guest bathroom, both a glassed in shower and a sunken tub off the large bedroom. Have I mentioned that I will miss this part, being one of the 1% while paying discounted rates?

Being away last weekend set me up needing to spend this weekend cleaning and mopping and doing laundry and ironing. Something seems to have happened to the geckos. I'm wondering if my upstairs neighbor putting out poison for the ants got to the geckos. I haven't heard them in a few days and they are usually fairly noisy around sunset. I also have been invaded by the big ants. I don't kill them intentionally, but I do encourage the spiders to do the natural thing. My floors looked like Armageddon (again, thanks spell check)with dead ants everywhere. Again this morning is more of the same after a day of sweeping them up yesterday. I, myself, have avoided the use of poison out of concern for the geckos.

I am pulling things out to donate as I pack for my trip. I'll take two suitcases to Mom's, planning on leaving one in storage. The box of glasses did get taken in to a co-worker rather than packed away. It is a start. I am excited about 5 days in Las Vegas, time in the US, alone, to do what I want when I want. I do admit that I'm kinda hoping to fund that RV lifestyle while I'm there. A girl can dream.


  1. I have dead facebook friends, or is it better to say, I have friends who have passed on and thier facebook accounts are still active? No, I was correct the first time. I have dead facebook friends because I have failed to unfriend them and I'm not going to do it either. Not the same as blogs though, I don't think, unless you knew them personally and you're holding onto the diaries, because that's what a blog really is.

    Anyway, dead facebook friens, I guess I've had my account long enough these sort of things happen and I see their profile pics pop up every now and then. When their birthdays come around, I am issued a reminder and I go to their wall and am stunned to see how many birthday wishes are posted but I suppose that's sort of like visiting a grave site or memorial location of some sort. I never have though, I don't think, posted anything other than a message to the family right after the passing.

    So I'm not sure how this relates directly to bloggers who have either passed on (I know of 2 directly and I'm actually glad to know as opposed to having the site just go silent) other than noting one more way technology has changed the way we interact. Not good or bad (or at least I'm not going to judge it in this moment), just seeing it right now.

  2. p.s. I sure do home the geckos aren't really gone. Maybe they've just gone on walkabout and it's a seasonal sort of thing?

  3. Good luck in Vegas! I want to read about where your RVing spirit takes you in the future.

    I'm guilty of using other people's blog list for reading material also. I wonder how many of us do that?

  4. Job searches are never easy but I am sure you will soon find one that will bring you back to US on your terms.

    Have a good time in Las Vegas and maybe lady luck will smile down on you and you wont need that job after all :)

  5. By all means do that cover letter, and good luck in your job search.

  6. I hope luck is with you in Las Vegas, but more than that I hope you enjoy the sights, sounds, and other attractions of Vegas. I spent 10 days there in the Fall of 2011, saw 7 shows and had a ball. Gambled maybe a total of $50 over the ten days, but using penny slots it amused me for quite a while. I made a lot of good memories, even though I didn't win any significant money.