Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Turn the Page

Today I was cut from the contract here. I'm not alone, they cleaned house. Nothing really personal. My corporate bosses, the ones from Texas, say they have no issues with me and will try to find something for me to do. With the debts, other than the house, paid, I can live on unemployment. Turn the page...

So, now I spend time truly packing, sorting, etc. I am not so inclined to donate as much, but that may change. I'm still processing events. My first inclination is to just ship all my stuff back, doesn't cost me anything to ship it as it's covered in my relocation. I've got time to figure this out. My back of the envelope plans at this point have me looking to be back in the States this time next week. Everything isn't just in jello, it is written in flowing water at this point. I look around and, well, I'm not real motivated. When I don't have to go in to work tomorrow I will be happily motivated to get home.

I should be feeling something. I will, once I get started. Dang, this is a lot of stuff to figure out suddenly. Prayers requested. I'll get though it. And I'm still going to Las Vegas. The flight is already paid for and the lodging is free. I'm thinking that the change of scenery will help me get my legs back under me.


  1. It always seems better when it's our time and place... but sometimes the universe sends you a message that the time is right. I think you might have just gotten the memo. So much to figure out... and you will. Take the time you need, you will find a way.

  2. I seem to remember you saying you wanted to go home, so you got your wish. I have been told wishes do come true.

  3. Since you aren't paying to send stuff back it isn't as much of a worry, but for things you are fairly sure you will get rid of back in the U.S., I'd just donate it there in Honduras. Or at least some of it. Good luck.

  4. Good luck with going home, I'll be looking forward to your updates. Hope you find the "perfect" employment soon.

  5. Sometimes things happen for a reason even though at the time we do not know what that reason might be.

    You were looking forward to moving back to the States and finding new employment...lets just say your plans were accelerated a bit.

    You are fortunate in that you only have your house payment to worry about and that is doable.

    Do not stress and by all means go have you a great time in Las Vegas.

  6. holy @#$@#%, I need to get out here more often. Of course, there are six posts (I think) on top of this one so maybe I just need to get to my google reader more often... I think being financially in a better place makes it a little easier but, and there's always that but, it's still a sucker punch that takes your feet out from under you, but also cuts you free and being cut lose, isn't that a doozy sometimes?