Friday, August 30, 2013

Computer glitches

I guess my computer got tired of me saying that I didn't like using it, cause it went tango uniform (geek speak...) last night. I'm trying to revive it. My next most useful laptop is my D800, which has a 17" screen, but it is the oldest and slowest. Well, maybe not slowest. The netbooks don't seem to have much horsepower for the things I want to do. At any rate, I am counting the days again (still?) until I have my desktop back in operation. Pictures are on hold as my time is now spent working on my ailing laptop and trying to figure if I lost anything. I had the nagging feeling I should pull a backup this week. It kept running slower and slower, and I was cussing my internet connection. Oh, well.

I have my ticket to fly back to Kansas City the last week in September. It will be a busy week and a half of sorting, loading and driving my stuff in a big truck back here. I'm both looking forward to it and not looking forward to it.

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