Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lessons learned at 3am

I really need to make sure I have the keys to the house on me AT ALL TIMES when I step outside.

The door to the mobile home won't just 'jiggle' open.

I was very circumspect in keeping all the other access ways locked.

My Jeep is ridiculously easy to break into, it's just a zipper.

I hate the zipper on the back door of the Jeep.

I need to start carrying a screwdriver in my Bug Out Bag in the Jeep.

Keys for a toolbox that is still in Kansas City work as a makeshift screwdriver.

The window on my screened porch is only 1 pane of glass and the blinds. Held down with a screw, which keys will turn.

I have small hands and arms and can reach in by prying the bottom section of glass out enough to reach the crank.

I am small enough to climb into the cranked open window.

New bright white t-shirts get slightly embarrassing black marks on them when I climb into Jeeps via the unzipped back window and enter the house in a similar manner.

I hate the zipper on the back window of my Jeep.

I should probably also put a spare set of keys in the BOB in the Jeep.

I was reminded of the time when I was 19 I showed up at my parent's place sooner than they expected me while they were at work. They had moved since I had been back to see them (I still found them! Ha!) so the neighbor didn't know me. He was working on his car next door. I went around the house, found an unlocked window, and casually went and asked him if I could borrow a screwdriver to get into the house. He gave me one, then followed me to the window and watched as I popped the window out easily, handed him the screwdriver with thanks, and proceeded to climb in. He always looked at me weird after that. Mind you, my Mom worked 3 miles from there and my first and only thought was to break in, not go get her key. When my parents got home they asked how I got in and I said I broke in. They didn't find it too strange. I did mention they might want to reassure the neighbor. Comes from being a latch key kid who didn't always remember my key. Obviously, I've still got it!!


  1. So, how do you feel about the zipper on your Jeep?

  2. There have been times when I could have used your talents.