Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, December 26, 2013

This and that

Things are settling down, mostly because my body says it is done with all the riding in the Jeep for awhile. Turtle Lady and Bill are here for a few more days, but I think they will be mostly around the park here. They seem to be enjoying learning about this type of post-retirement (for them) living. The weather finally got cloudless and warm so they can see Arizona the way it has been advertised to them.

I'm clearing out my email, and found some comments with questions I hadn't answered. I do read all the comments and appreciate them a lot. One asked about medication for the vertigo that Mom and I are experiencing, even though we are several states apart. I haven't gone to a doctor about it yet. I'm still having the vertigo but it is in the annoying category rather than really bothering me. I had it worse in Las Vegas than I do here, so I think it may be more recovering from whatever caused it than a continuing exposure. Mom hasn't mentioned hers lately, but her doctors weren't taking it very seriously. On a related note, she is changing doctors.

Dizzy Dick asked if they still have the prickly pear cactus ice cream at Tortilla Flats. The short answer is 'yes'. We ate at the restaurant and Turtle Lady got a cactus bowl salad (in a real bowl, not one made of cactus) and it came with a scoop of the ice cream. Neither her nor Bill were terribly impressed, and I was trying mightily to eat all of my barbeque sandwich and didn't try any. I had thought we would go to the ice cream parlor afterwards, but we were too stuffed from our meals, so I don't know that they have it there, but they probably do.

This morning I will start the (at least) yearly backups of all my computers. I am looking towards the ending of this year to tie up loose ends and the beginning of next year to start progressing in some new goals. Nothing major, just mostly the recycling of past goals. :)

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  1. Glad your friends are still visiting you.

    You mention backing up computers. You have no idea what nightmare I have experienced by accepting a free back-up software. Even after removing it I have residue programs it installed.

    Take care and if I don't read you have a fabulous New Year.