Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Car of the Future?

I just reserved a spot in line for a new car, to be delivered sometime next year:


I can't figure out how to post a picture of it that is the right size, but it is a 3-wheeled car built on a chassis like the CamAm Spyder, with 2 wheels in front and one in back.  Seats 2, has heat and ac and a radio and usb ports.  Gas mileage is projected to be 49city/84highway.  And it will cost $6,800.00 and no, I didn't miss a zero there.  Under seven thousand dollars for a new car and it is licensed and insured as a motorcycle (read:  cheaper)

So, I figure I've gambled $100 on less before, what it cost to make my reservation.  Maybe by next summer I'll have a new ride.


  1. I think it sounds like a great idea if you think it would work for you. Have you actually been able to see a model, or are you going on pictures & marketing? I remember years and years ago in Cincinnati seeing a Vespa, a 3 wheeled "car" made in Italy.

  2. Do you have a motorcycle operators license? If it is licensed and registered as a motorcycle you would need a license, which here in Texas means you have to ride a motorcycle over a course designated by the policeman giving it, to pass the test. I have a motorcycle endorsement and an endorsement to drive a heavy vehicle (motorhome). Check it out there in Arizona.

  3. I will probably have to get the motorcycle endorsement. One of the guys I work with is an instructor, so I plan to ask him, and then schedule a class if I don't have to actually have the motorcycle. It could be interesting to take the class in the Elio. :)

  4. Gypsy: I haven't actually seen one in person. I missed seeing one here by a few days because I found out about the showing too late. I'll take their word for it, as it basically is what I've been looking for. A few years ago another company in CA was working this same direction, but some bad financial decisions were made and the company folded. I know that until I have it in hand the same thing could happen here. My reservation is my vote that this is the direction I would like to see the car industry move. Hopefully I also get a car out of it.

  5. I saw where there was a bill in the Arizona legislature that a motorcycle license would NOT be required for the Elio. I don't know if it passed or not but even if it did not the course will need to be the same as used by motorcycle trikes.
    I will be watching and reading your experience and satisfaction closely. I have had an interest in the Elio for some month now also but not willing to put down a deposit of buy one yet.
    I think the CA company that did not last made the Sparrow, an electric 3 wheel car that I think is now being built as a Cree. I followed the development of the Sparrow and a gas model for a number of years until the company folded. I think they might have made it IF they had stuck with electric and not tried to bring out the gas model.