Tuesday, June 03, 2014


I have my daily walk in already.  It was cool enough to walk outside at 5:30 am, so I did.  Inspired by Gypsy moving into a jog, I did the same.  I jogged until my legs started mentioning it might be a good idea to stop, maybe 80-90 feet into it.  My lungs caught up to the fact that I wasn't just walking about 10 steps after I slowed back down, and I felt it in my chest muscles for awhile during the rest of my walk.  It isn't just the leg muscles that need to get into shape, it takes muscles to move my breathing in and out while exercising, and those muscles haven't been working hard lately, either.

I came back in and I'm working on getting one of my laptops up to date enough to hook the feed-through scanner to it so I can scan papers while sitting in my recliner.  When I turned it on yesterday or the day before (forget which) it was reaaalllly slow.  It aggravates me when my computers don't perform up to my standards, I mean, I do this for a living!  So this morning I deleted off all old programs, especially since I don't really use that laptop much anymore.  Then I defragged it.  After a reboot it was running a lot better.  Then I looked at a folder of old bookmarks from the late 2000's, up to maybe 2008?  It was nice to find places I don't visit anymore, sad to see some that are no longer updated, and I found that a former friend is doing a bicycle tour.  So, I will copy that folder to my current desktop and merge the links into my life again.

One blog was making a statement about how blogging has seemingly turned from a nice way to express oneself and meet with like-minded folks into something to 'create content' and 'monetize'.  This blog entry was from a couple of years ago when blogging changed quite a lot in a short period of time as it was 'discovered' by large numbers of folks.  My blog stays pretty old-school.  I don't mind monetizing so much if it doesn't get in the way of the blog itself.  This blog isn't monetized for one main reason:  I have a good job.  I know several folks have links and ads because they are on a fixed or low income and it is a way to bring in some money they wouldn't otherwise have.  I am currently making a good paycheck so I don't try to compete with those folks for those dollars.  I just give thanks for my ability to stay employed and go on.

On a related note, I had my review with my boss.  He looked at me earlier in the day and patted me and said, 'it's good, don't worry so much' and I shrugged and said 'well, I already cleaned out my locker, so I'm good...'  In reality, it was a good review.  I can't move to the other department yet because they need me where I am now for awhile yet.  Remember when I said we'd been told to 'hang on for April 1' for things to get better?  Well, things move slower than that.  Some of the new folks didn't pass their background check, and others are having to wait for their laptops to show up, and then they have to be trained.  So, I got a lot of flowery words saying how much he needs me where I am and what a good job I'm doing.  For now, I'm valuable.  I'll go with that.


  1. Another Reader6/3/14, 8:13 AM

    Bosses should not be patting their employees. Hope you got a big raise to go with the flowery words.

  2. He didn't actually touch me, more sort of made a motion with his hands in a 'reassuring' manner. This boss knows the rules and limits very well. I was looking so bad because I wasn't feeling well and he was telling me he was trying to get the review in early so I could leave.