Monday, January 05, 2015

It's a start

When I got home from work this morning I decided to try something I read about on a message board last night, making caramelized onions.  I've been wanting to make some things that use onions, and I have 2 that I bought awhile ago.  Previously I just used the dried kind you get in a shaker at the grocery.  I'm basically a heathen when I cook.  But, I wanted to actually use the onions I had and not throw them out like I did the majority of the vegetables I bought at the same time.

I came home and chopped one onion, put it in the small crock pot I have and poured a generous glug of avocado oil over it all, stirred it, turned on the crock pot and went to bed.  I have indeed turned out with caramelized onions, ready to put into the meatloaf and/or salmon patties and/or muffin tin egg casserole I may or may not make.  I portioned them into some of my silicone muffin holders (they aren't 'papers' as they are silicone...) and put them in the freezer for now.  I'll put the individual portions into a baggie (hopefully) and I'm rocking the cooking thing again.  For now.

My sleep patterns are still messed up from my time in Las Vegas, and I'm due to head back again on Monday, a week from today.  I may just stay on the split sleeping pattern that has me getting up in the middle of the day for awhile.  I need to do some shopping that has to happen when stores are open anyway.  Otherwise I just lay in bed for 12 hours and don't really sleep and then I'm trashed while I'm at work that night.  This shift is totally perfect for where I work, but is not so great outside of work.  For now I'll go with what works for work as it is so much better than it was before I transferred.

And so this is the mundane trials of my current life.  I laugh when other bloggers apologize for not having exciting lives to write about.  I think we all pretty much have boring lives on a day to day basis, with periods of excitement thrown in to make us appreciate the boring times.


  1. You are so right about us leading mostly unexciting lives. It's probably a good thing - I know my heart couldn't stand too much excitement!

  2. It never occurred to me to make caramelized onions in a crock pot but then again I know very little about cooking, will have to pass on the information to mother.

    I do not envy the hours you work one bit, it would be hard on the body.

    You made me smile when you mentioned that most of us do not have exciting day to day lives. I will say to mother...X number of people read my blog today...she says "there must be a lot of bored people in the world":....jajajajaja!