Tuesday, March 29, 2016

And we are off!

Mom got approved this morning for a rental in Peyson, up the ridge about 2 hours from where we are now.  So, we need to move her, sell her mobile home (anyone want a couple of nice mobile homes in a 55+ park?), get her settled, sell my mobile, and I need to buy an RV.  No problem…

I’m pricing storage units as an iterim step.  Mom is on the list for some appartments in Peyson and will need some furniture and things when that comes open.  This current rental is a 5th wheel in a nice small park so she won’t need much with her for now.  I plan to possibly move my future RV to that park as well.  Rent is around half of what it is here, and utilities will be cheaper in a smaller space, hopefully.

I said I needed a change…


  1. Another Reader3/29/16, 12:53 PM

    I don't understand this move. Your mom just had a stroke and you want to move her to a small town with limited medical care up on the Rim? Into a Fifth Wheel?? And you, who needs a job, are going to move up there with her? What kind of job can you find up there? How will your mother get the care she needs?

    In your shoes, I would stick it out in Mesa for awhile. Yes, you are a wanderer at heart, but this is just not the time for that. Find work locally and keep your mobiles until something really better comes along. Your mom will be in a place with friends around that is much better for her. You will have some more time to grow your retirement stash while deferring Social Security.

  2. I posted a blog showing internal and external pictures of my RV and asked if anyone was interested in purchasing it from me because I was thinking of selling it. Go to my old posting and check it out:

  3. Another Reader:
    I know on the surface it looks strange, this move. However, I'm not moving Mom up there, this was in the works for awhile. She is on a waiting list for a nice apartment in subsidized housing. She feels she cannot keep living here as it is too expensive, so she wants to go ahead and move up there where things such as car insurance and health insurance as well as rentals are less. The maintenance on the mobile home is her primary worry as it comes in randomly. With the rental 5th wheel that worry is off her mind. The hospital is a half mile or so away, and EMS even closer.

    I'm thinking of deciding I'm retired. I know I'm tired. I want to be out of this mobile, so even if I do get another job here in Phoenix I'll move to an RV and park in a cheaper park, not that this one is expensive but I'm going to cut expenses to the bone.

    Your RV is beautiful, but I'm thinking it is out of my league.

  4. Wow! That is a real change in lifestyle for you and your Mom. The best of luck in finding the right living spaces for you both. I retired at 55 and have never regretted it for a minute, even though I get considerably less per month than if I had worked longer.

  5. I hope all goes well. Like Gypsy I retired at 55 and don't regret it at all. Yes, my retirement is less but there is a time-n-place to say enough.

  6. Glad to hear that Mom got approved and can move up before the heat of the summer. Things are starting to slowly come together.

  7. Retire sooner than later if you can and enjoy life, I was 55 and Suzie 49. Love the lifestyle.
    Good luck with finding the perfect RV.