Thursday, March 31, 2016

Whirlwind Update

Activities are moving along quickly.  Mom is driving again.  I had told her we both needed to put something in the storage unit we had rented just to get started.  I went home, puttered a bit, sat down with a cup of coffee.  Mom showed up at my door with her keys in her hand saying she had her car loaded, what was I taking?  I hurriedly grabbed a box to put in the car, and off we went with her at the wheel.  She said it was like she never stopped driving.  So, I think the stroke thing is a note in history, something to be remembered and worked around but not really affecting much today.

Another thing I’ll note about Mom is that she pretty much does what she wants and I just follow along and try to help.  She has decided she is moving up to Peyson, so I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for her.  It is not time for me to interfere in her plans, and I’ll put that off as much as I can.  She checked the location of facilities such as the hospital and public transportation for if/when she can’t drive, so I think we are going down a good path for now.

As for me, I’m pulling things out of corners and closets.  I’m finding some things that I couldn’t previously put my hands on when I wanted them, and finding other things that I can’t figure out why I put where I did.  I am also getting rid of some things.  That part needs to move along faster.

I found an older Roadtrec on Craigslist yesterday, and Jim and Sandy met me at the time the seller had agreed to so Jim could check it out for me.  The seller never showed, and after several phone calls finally someone else at the number said it had already sold.  I’d talked to the seller an hour and a half before the meetup and he had said it was available…  So Craigslist folks are as flaky as I’ve heard.


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  2. Okay, I will try again; boy I can't type worth a darn today!

    Yeah! It's great that your mom's strokes hasn't affected her capacity to function.

    I hope you find what you want in a RV.

  3. I think your Mom and I would get along fine. We have similar attitudes. My sons have advised me to always never meet anyone from Craigslist alone. I'm glad Sandie and Jim were there for you.

  4. You are starting out on your new path, Both you and your mom. I am really happy she has come out of this as well as she has, she is a determined woman!

  5. Glad to hear that your mother is already driving around and that she is doing so well.

    Wish you luck in finding your future motorhome and hope you find some serious sellers.

  6. Good luck with the motorhome search and new lifestyle.