Saturday, October 22, 2016

A blip in the blip

Around 4pm on Friday as I was driving home from Mom’s I heard my phone ring.  I pulled over and I had missed a call from Mayo.  A voicemail from my primary care doctor said he was leaving a message on the online portal for me.  I checked that (thank you smart phone) and it seems that a radiologist got around to comparing the images from last year that I had dropped off over a week ago with the ones from this year.  The upshot is that this doctor thinks I should STOP EVERYTHING until I can have the other breast looked at.  I guess if it was easy, everyone would want to joint this club (not).  I am hoping that this is just an over reaction on his part.  I had a nice, neat plan.  The upshot now is that with every possibility back on the table again (until proven otherwise) I actually felt myself getting physically ill while reading all the literature they sent home with me that details all the possibilities.  I can’t do anything on the weekend, and have put in pleading messages to my cancer surgeon to make sense of this, and don’t postpone the surgery.  I may know more on Monday.

At 7:45am on Monday I report for my colonoscopy. I am eating soft, white foods today, mostly oatmeal.  Tomorrow it is clear liquids (hopefully coffee counts as clear liquid…) and then I start the cleaning out process in the afternoon.  My life is just a whole bunch of fun right now.

Mike will arrive tomorrow evening, after hopefully helping Mom clear out her rental 5th wheel of everything she hasn’t already moved to the new apartment.  She slept there last night and is really happy right now.  On the way to the clinic  Monday morningI hopefully can call the scheduling folks and see if I can get in for the biopsy on the other breast the primary care doctor wants this week, prior to the surgery.  In reality, I hope my surgeon looks at things and says we don’t need to worry about it right now.

Methinks the fun is just beginning.


  1. Another Reader10/22/16, 5:54 PM

    Someone MUST drive you home and be with you after the colonoscopy. You will be like a drunk that is sure she can drive when you wake up.

    The prep is a lot easier if you start with a laxative one day, drink a bottle of magnesium citrate the second day, and then do the prep the third day. That way if you can't finish the entire two liters of the prep solution, you will still be "clean." Two liters of that stuff, even split into two drinking sessions, will have you vomiting if you aren't careful. You don't want to start over, so clean is your goal.

    The good news about a 7:45 AM appointment is you will be home in time for lunch. You can eat pretty much anything after the procedure, as long as the doctor gives you the ok. Have your driver stop and pick up whatever appeals to you on the way home. You deserve it!

  2. Oh Paula I am so sorry about this. Praying it is a minor blip.

  3. Oh Paula I am so sorry about this. Praying it is a minor blip.

  4. So sorry to hear of your problems. Try to keep your spirits up. High spirits eases a lot of apprehension and pain.

  5. Shadowmoss, I am so sorry for all that you are going through. Does your mother know?

    My best wishes and positive energy going your way. Take care.

  6. Oh no Paula, hope the doc is over reacting and with all this going on things will get much better soon. Positive thoughts going your way.

  7. Colonoscopy it's a piece of cake. Had one last year...simples!

    1. Another Reader10/24/16, 9:11 AM

      Yep. The prep is far worse than the procedure and the recovery. You will be just fine tomorrow.

    2. The prep is horrible, the procedure was a piece of cake because I was under anesthesia and the recovery was reasonably simple.
      I did wake up in recovery with rather low blood pressure and the fed a bag of saline solution into me before I was good to go. Walked 4-5 blocks to a restaurant within an hour after getting home and had something to "EAT".
      I hope it went well.