Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Still here

October has been medical tests month.  I am going to the Mayo Clinic to catch up on all my medical tests that I put off for so many years.  I like going there.  The people are without exception friendly, professional, and caring.  The facilities are top notch.  I described the place as the NPR of hospitals to Mike.  There is instrumental music playing softly in the background, unless there is a musician playing one of the many pianos scattered around in the lobbies.  There is curated artwork and sculptures and plants.  The place speaks in the low-key, moderated voice of an NPR commentator.  So far I enjoy it as much as one can enjoy a place that pokes, prods, and images up close and personal parts of my body.  A few more tests to go.  I am very low on Vitamins B12 and D.  Other minor issues.  I’ll be happy to have it done.  What I like so far the most about the Mayo Clinic is that all my records are in one file, and all the doctors and departments have access to that same file.  No duplication.  No remembering if I’ve mentioned this or that to this particular doctor.  It is all there.

It is still hot in Mesa.  Next year I’ll try to be someplace cooler until November 1.  I do still like this park.  I even went swimming a couple of times.  I have found a cheaper place in Apache Junction to move at the end of the year.  A lot cheaper.  It also has a swimming pool, community room, laundry room, fitness room, etc.  I may look into finding a larger trailer to leave in the Apache Junction spot, and just travel in my car and camp during the summer.  Plans for that are in Jell-O. Once I get through the medical appointments, I’m planning a trip back east to visit family, maybe Rod and Favorite Neighbor.  Those plans are also in Jell-O at the moment.  I’ll need to hire a service to check on the cats while I’m gone now that Mom is not close.  She will get her apartment in the senior housing complex finally in the next week or so, so Mike and I will be helping her move her stuff from storage down here in Mesa to that apartment in Payson.

In between all that I’m getting an eye exam on Friday, and calling tomorrow to get a dentist appointment for myself and a friend who hasn’t done the Mexico dental trip yet.  I’ll need the trip back east just to rest from all these appointments.

Cats are fine, Mom is fine, mostly I’m fine.  I’ll try to keep y’all updated in a more timely manner.  The new blog header photo is one Mike took of me when we were hiking up in northern Arizona a few weeks ago. Notice I have on a fleece.  I’m dying of heat stroke down here in the Valley.  Note again to self:  don’t come back here until November.


  1. Thanks for the update was wonder where y'all got too. Glad all is well.

  2. I love having to wear fleece, and Sacramento is finally cooling off enough to do that.

  3. Another Reader10/16/16, 8:10 PM

    You look very happy in that photo. I'm going to be out there in a week or two and I'm delighted that the weather is cooling off. Much easier to get work done.

  4. East is relative. How far east will you wander, this one wonders. ( How the heck should one punctuate that sentence?) It is nice to see this update, and hear about how successful your medical checks are going. B -12 and it D are soon doable! Kudos to you for the ways you are walking your talk, my friend.

    1. Only to Kansas City and MN to see FN. Not to your part of the world this time. If you would like to meet in KC and drive up with me, that could be a plan... :)

  5. Had to read and reread your post and the last couple to really catch up. I wasn't sure that you still have your motor home, but it seems you do and I haven't missed any changes. Glad to hear you are still finding your own way!! It should be cool soon!

  6. Always nice to have an update. Looking forward to seeing you shortly.

  7. Thanks for the update, like the new header photo. I like your plan to put a permanent trailer on the site in AP. Tioga George is doing something similar, a permanent trailer and a small travel trailer to do short trips around the local country.

    Our plans are still in Jello as well what with the drainage problems we are having but I cannot imagine a scenario where we will not be able to see you some time in November.