Monday, January 22, 2018

Jim Dixon to the rescue again.

When we got back to shore power today the outlets still didn't work. The microwave light still did. The 12V was working, at least for the time being. No electricity from the wall outlets, even on the shore power. So, I did what I usually do when I'm out of ideas. I called Jim Dixon. After some troubleshooting over the phone he mentioned the GFI switch in the bathroom. It was indeed tripped. Reset that, and all was good in my world. Jim strikes again.

In a few days I'll work on the rest of it, but it seems that most of my generator issues may be resolved. Not sure about the coach battery.

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  1. Our GFI receptacle in the bathroom has tripped a few times, but nit recently, glad you had things working again.

  2. It is a big learning curve that you are on! Thankfully Jim was around to help!

  3. Good for Jim! Always nice evening when a problem gets fixed. Sounds like you're moving forward which is always good.