Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Turtle Lady goes home, and BLOGGERFEST IS COMING

(I couldn't post this from Live Writer, so I'm trying posting via email.

This morning I took Turtle Lady to the airport.  Her flight was 45 minutes late leaving, but she is winging her way home as I type.  The time flew by.  She brought a book to read while here, I had my knitting.  Neither one saw any attention at all while she was here.  Rubber Tramp Rendezvous was fun, even though everything I touched seemed to break, starting a few days before Turtle Lady even got here.  We are already making lists of things needed for next year.


​(Trying to post pic via email...)(unable to post the Bloggerfest banner, same issue others are having with Live Writer and Blogger…)

It is this coming Saturday at the Ramada inside the La Posa South LTVA that is a couple of miles south of Quartzsite on 95.  I will be there a bit early.  My plan is to get to Quartzsite around 10am and run around the Big Tent as it is the last day for it.  Then I'll go out to La Posa South to the Ramada or shelter house as I usually call them.  There should be a sign at the turnoff to the Ramada once you are in the LTVA.  I left the signs in capable hands to be set out.  Smile

Bosley and I may sleep until then.  It has been a whirlwind of activity for the past couple of weeks.


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