Monday, May 28, 2018


I found a nice out of the way park on the edge of Payson to move the motor home and set up with full hookups.  There are also trees for shade. I feel more at home here than I have any place else for the past few years.  For now that means that I am going to get my patio chairs out of the storage unit and put them on the patio.  That feels settled for me.

I had a nightmare this morning.  It was time to get up, but I almost involuntarily fell back asleep.  The content of the nightmare isn’t too important, but it tells me that I have some parts of myself to confront.  I want to get out more and do more and tie up loose ends.  It is hazy in my mind the details, but I know there are a few areas I need to pay attention to.  My body is one of them, my mind another.  Diet and exercise and maybe some more supplements so I don’t hurt as much.  Learning and  off-loading some stuff that doesn’t serve me anymore are on the agenda.

I’m out in the country-ish, and saw elk bedding down for the night as I drove home in the early evening this week.  The area is good for walking.  I have time.  It is time to change gears in many ways.

Part of seeing so many elk even in town is that it is extremely dry.  The forest roads and campgrounds are closed, and more will be closed as we go along until there is a substantial amount of rain.  Driving back from Mesa yesterday I saw that the northbound side of 87 at the brake check area at Mt Ord had burned recently.  More and more spots are turning to ash as the small (and larger!) wildfires start burning.  No one is even supposed to smoke cigarettes or pipes or anything outside of a building or vehicle.  Of course out of towners think the rules don’t apply to them, so we have the burnt areas that are increasing.  Last year it was the end of July before the monsoon rains arrived.

Part of my changes are to attempt to do stuff that I can blog about.  Maybe I’ll post a bit more often.


  1. Hey nice to ear from you again, And lifestyle changes are always wonderful , good for you. Enjoy the changes and looking forward to more blogging posts.

  2. Always good to take time to see where we are going compared to wnere we want to go, mentally and physically. Good to hear you found a park you are happy with. Too bad the winters are cold there.

  3. Would love to see more blogging from you now. Every once in awhile we have to take a look at things and see where we're headed and is it where we want to be..good for you! Glad you have a nice place to call "home"

  4. Figuring out how to tie up loose ends is a challenge but one that is worth it. I think it is so cool to have elk as neighbors.