Saturday, August 24, 2019

Nosy neighbors

 Another of the herd of elk who hang around the park.  I heard the clicking sound of her hooves on the wooden planks of my "patio" here and this is what I saw outside my door.  Luckily(?) the elk are fairly tame here.  I do give the occasional male a wide berth because males of all species can be unpredictable.

I tried to post this from my email as I usually do.  It was returned as mailbox full.  I will have to see what is going on with my blogger account.  Now I am scrambling for an editor as many of you have done.  Is Live Writer working again?


  1. Coming through just fine.. in Flagstaff

  2. This post I am on my computer and copied it from the rejected email post. I have figured out that it was the size of the picture that got it rejected.

  3. "males of all species can be unpredictable"

    Lol, that is the understatement of the year!!! Thank you, for making me smile...I needed that tonight.

  4. As a male, I take offence! LOL