Tuesday, August 13, 2019


I have ordered new tires for the Mazda and they will be put on tomorrow.  Then to schedule an oil change and air filters changed as well.  A good clean out and it will be ready for whatever my next trip turns out to be.  In answer to a question in the comments, I travel in the Mazda and only move the motorhome betwwen my summer and winter spots.

The motorhome has a few this and thats to be taken care of.  A couple of drawers need to be repaired and a cable looked after.  Mechanical stuff on it was done last year.

The rest of the projects involve sorting and getting rid of stuff and having what I use where I use it.  Ongoing project with no end in sight.

I bought a spiralizer this week and I've gotten some veggies to play with.  Cooking may be featured here again.  Depends on how it turns out.  Friends in MN also gave me a vacuum seal a meal so I can put leftovers into the freezer.  The plan is less commercial fast food in my diet and more home made fast food.

The baby blanket I'm knitting is slowly getting finished.  Pictures once it is presented to the Mom to be.

Summer winds down.  Will someone please tell the temperatures it is time to cool down?


  1. We are running a LOT hotter this year in north Alabama. It is not fun.

  2. For some reason I thought you drove a Jeep. Right this minute it is 106 with a heat index of 108 degrees. I am ready for this heat wave to come to an end.

  3. I am happy I am a "Snowbird" and not a "Sun Seeker"! It is ranging in the mid 70's up here. Perfect for a waterfront stroll to Tim Horton's. Cooking! Yes, something we both need to get into!

  4. Oughta crank up that RV once a month to get juices flowing thru engine. IMHO
    Yes, ready for summer doldrums to VACATE!

  5. Homemade fast food is a good thing for you to get used to.