Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Wait, its August already?

The trip up to MN for Phyllis' service was delightfully uneventfull.  The service was nice and the lunch afterwards was good.  Local folks were asked to bring a dessert that either started with Phyllis or that it was known to be a favorite of hers.  Phyllis liked to have desert with every meal so there were lots of offerings.

On the way home I spent a few days visiting family in MO.  It was nice to have time to just visit.

Once I got home it occurred to me that it is time to finish up all the projects I had planned for this summer.  Luckily there are over 2 months until it is time to head back down to the Valley.  To say I'm behind schedule is an understatement.  I still spend most mornings just sitting with Bosley cat and drinking coffee and knitting.  I am making a baby present that needs to get finished this week so it can get to the baby shower in time.

Mom and I changed cell phone providers this week and we are getting used to new phones.  This post will be a test to see how this phone works to make blog postings.


  1. Glad your trip went well and you are Home Safely.

    It's about time.

  2. Nice to see a new post from you, it has been a while. Glad you are back home.

  3. Glad you're settled back in at home.

  4. It was nice of you to make the trip to see Phyllis off, many more of us were there in spirit. She was a great neighbor.