Monday, January 08, 2007

On Track

I worked out this evening at the gym. I didn't mean to. I had talked myself out of it. I finished work early so I was running around doing errands instead. Jonie sent my wonder protein, and I knew I wanted to start on it ASAP, so I went to Sam's to get some bananas and soy milk. I make a smoothie of the protein, a banana and the soy milk. Good for what ails me. Well, I realized that I was a couple of blocks away from the branch of the gym that is actually closest to my house, and it was only 4pm, so I really had no excuse not to go in. I even had my work out clothes with me. So, I ended up exercising that weakest muscle of all, the one that pulls into the gym parking lot and walks in. This gym is much smaller than the one across town. I wasn't impressed at all. Almost walked back out, but couldn't really justify it in my plans to get into shape. So, I changed and found a cardio machine and managed to go 4 minutes! That is a full minute longer than last time. My steps in the program are small, what can I say. I then found two of the three machines I hadn't seen at the other gym, the ab machine and the one for the lower back. So, I used those. A bit too much I think. I'm feeling it now. I got one of their smoothies as a treat for forging ahead against my strong excuses not to actually work out. The $5 smoothie wasn't all that good. I knew I had the ingredients for a better one in the truck.

By the time I got home, drinking their crushed-ice based drink had me chilled. I crawled into bed to warm up and fell into a deep sleep. I know that means I'm still calorie depleted, so when I woke up (via a phone call from Mom), I fixed a frozen dinner and my own, much anticipated, protein smoothie. The bananas from Sam's were VERY green, but hey, I'm not going to wait another day or two to get my wonder protein drink. I ate dinner and drank, and my abs were starting to hurt. Or was it my tummy? I mentioned on the chat room that I'd had a green banana, and Dc0de said that that would give stomach cramps... great... He said to drink more soy milk to dilute it. I never drink soy milk straight, always mixed with something. Turns out I really can't stand it straight. So, I'm going to deal with tummy pain. So far it's not too bad, but I know it's there.

So, two steps forward, 1.5 steps back. The process continues as I try to get into shape.

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  1. Well, you've got my admiration, and I love that phrase about the weakest muscle.