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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Journey

There are blogs that just reading them makes me feel like a better person for having done so. Lloyd Kahn's journal at is one of those. He is a 70-something guy who is still active, still creating (he's a writer), still enjoying life. I was feeling pretty down this evening. Just seems like I've slid backwards so far I won't catch up to where I thought I'd be by now in my life. Finances, the stress of living in a house that is basically an encampment, a dog that I discovered in the past 24 hours has been using the bedroom carpets (the rest of the house is laminate flooring) to pee on, a lot, and in general just feeling like '10 years have come and gone... you missed the starting gun'. His journal puts life more into the perspective of being a journey and that the idea is to enjoy the ride, wherever that ride happens to be at the moment.

Again, I need to stop making excuses and get on with living this life I have. And I am grateful that there are folks like Lloyd, Stumpknocker, Bush Whacker, and others out there showing how it's done and writing journals so the rest of us can be inspired.

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  1. Hello, I saw a post of yours on MMM's Forum and I came over to read your blog.

    I started at the beginning, in 2006 and this is where I am right now, as you start to remodel the new house.

    I gather that you don't live there anymore as you mention on MMM's that you are living in a mobile home in Arizona.

    Anyway, we seem to have some things in common, and I have some serious reading to do to be up to date on your blog.

    I am a 50 something female and I live in Canada. I also have a blog, but it is in French, as this is my first language. However, I just started the creative writing course that the University of Iowa offers online. I have taken a few other online courses with Coursera, mostly for fun.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you have a new reader. I didn't see any contact information so I commented on this post. Great to meet you!