Thursday, January 25, 2007


I am measuring to decide where to set up the waterbed. I thought about putting it in the office when I get it finished, but my heart is set on actually moving into the office with my desk and computer equipment. That is part of the vision. So, I'm measuring in the great room. It is packed with furniture in here. The twin bed just fits. However, I am having trouble sleeping on it. My waterbed is king sized. I will have to move some of the furniture... well... somewhere. I have pretty much decided to do this though. I need to start sleeping better. This weekend I will start the process of setting it up.

I went to Home Depot and priced kitchen ranges and front loading washer/dryers. The combo comes in around $2K. I really don't want to turn loose of that much money right now. The range is $400, plus tax, delivery, etc. I should go to the Sears scratch and dent store and price things before I make a decision. I decided against buying the washer and dryer now, mostly cause I wouldn't be able to move them out to remodel the laundry room, which I will have to finish at some point. Seems like everything has to wait on 6 other things.

Nancy got back from her trip and we had a good hour or so long talk. It is fun to hear what's happening on her life, and share tidbits of mine. Good friends are treasures, and I have been blessed to have more than my share of exceptional folks in my life. They keep me stretching to be a better person.

Time to get back on the bandwagon of getting into shape. I'm back to getting up early and feeling better. So, tonight I'll go to the gym. If I'm sent back up north again like I was yesterday I'll go to the smaller gym up north. I prefer the one down in town, but they both have the machines I tend to use. I may put on the list of projects to make myself a pop can alcohol stove. Darn it, I could have gotten some of the supplies I need while at Home Depot last night... oh, well. The most costly part, actually the only part that costs money, is some flue tape to tape the halves together and some vermiculite to put inside to hold the alcohol. I have the empty pop cans.

And so another day starts. I still have more projects than energy. I think I'm making some progress...

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