Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3 in a row

This is my third day in a row posting. Wow, I wasn't even trying for every day this time!

The hidden cat has been found. After the housemate brought Perl here to live temporarily, she disappeared. Neither of us could find her. I didn't think much when she didn't come out for me, but when she didn't show up for the housemate, I got concerned. Tonight I found her. When disturbed, she ran to the housemate's bedroom. I put a can of tuna (packed in water) out for her on his recommendation. I figure the tuna water will help if she's dehydrated. I also suggested he move her food and water down to his end of the house. Yes, I want her to come spend time in my lap, but I want her to feel safe first and foremost. She's petrified now. She doesn't have her friends (2 other cats, 3 dogs, 2 teenagers, etc.) here, and it's a strange place.

Bad day at work. I really, really hope that I get scheduled to go out again soon. While in the office I am trying to get my fellow IT folks to rally together and study for the Security+ certification. Not that I personally want it more than any other, but others do. It will count as a test for my MCSE if I end up upgrading my out-dated certs, so it's all good. Hopefully tomorrow I'll start finding resources to study. The boss has expressed that the company will reimburse for the test and maybe class/study materials. I just need to figure out my course, and what will motivate the others to join me and in so doing motivate me to actually finish.

My Dad is having a minor health issue, and Mom has another specialist doctor appointment tomorrow. It's a slow decline for both of them, and not much I can do to help. My Dad is in basically good health, just declining strength at 89 years old. Mom has several chronic health problems, but she can still get around and is also take care of my Dad so far. I just wait for the phone call that says something has happened.

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