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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Sometimes we don't see what is right in front of us. I have been bored, unhappy, jaded. I was cruising my list of blogs that I watch and on Gary's blog at:

He has a video from Ted Talks. It is truly amazing. A link to the video, and the lecturer who gave the talk is here:

This guy is an amazing lecturer. He has amazing presentation software. I actually enjoyed and was excited about what is usually a dry and uninteresting topic that I would normally only listen to out of guilt. There is cools stuff out there. The world is larger than a boss who hates me, a house that always is messy and needs work, finances that are never quite enough money to feel comfortable about the future. There is cool stuff out there.

Ok, as a computer geek I was way impressed with the visuals. The ability to make the topic exciting was what amazed me. I may end up learning more about our world than I would have before just to listen to this guy and watch his presentations. The site that showcased this lecture is:

Edited: I put the link to the entire lecture, I think the first one I listed was only the first third of it. It should be 20 minutes long, worth every minute to watch it in my opinion.

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