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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Year Older

Yesterday was my birthday. I decided I was going to celebrate my 30th one. I got a lot of mileage out of my 29th birthday, celebrating it for a good 10 years. Who says you are required to celebrate one that has anything to do with how many years I've been on this earth? I did do a journal entry yesterday. My spell check didn't work quite right, and in the process I lost the entire entry. I walked away and decided I wasn't supposed to post on my birthday.

Actually, I had intended on posting when I got home from my Birthday party at Nancye and Bill's place. But, it was after midnight, and while I was on the computer I wasn't in a mood think after driving an hour in the rain. I made it home just fine, though. The party was just the way I like, small and fun. We drank Gluewein and ate, laughed at Nancye as she cooked, then ate up the shrimp and rice dish she made. Did I mention I had fun?

Now I enter the season where I make resolutions, list goals, and generally ponder what direction my life is taking, and what corrections I feel I may need to make, and how to go about doing so. I have a large pot of pinto beans cooking, and they look like they are actually going to come out the way I like them, with bean soup liquor just ready for some more things to make it into a hearty soup. I'll divide most of it out into freezer containers (it started out as 2lbs. of beans!), and add veggies and such to a nice small pot of the rest. I will make bread - in the bread machine - and have a from scratch meal later. Oops, I'm heading to my parents' place for dinner tonight and to do Christmas, so tomorrow I'll have my bean soup.

The needles needed to make the socks have been acquired, and one is started. Not a lot done on it yet. I do like my new hat that I knitted, but forgot it when I went out yesterday. NotLarry, the housemate, helped me rebuild the vacuum that had smoked and stopped working. My long hair was the culprit as usual. It gets wrapped around the roller and in the bearings and such. He took command of the issue as soon as I mentioned it. I had just 'put it on the list' and was ignoring it. I am re-inspired to organize my tools, although I was able to come up with the necessary ones while he was working on the vacuum.

I should get moving now. Just general cleaning today, and an evening with the left over Gluewein and Lebkuchen (spiced red wine and gingerbread cookies), with the middle of the day spent with my parents. Not a bad schedule.

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