Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Back to Work

The first day back went ok. Around 2pm I wanted badly to take a nap. All I was doing was sitting in class monitoring one of the newer guys as he gets evaluated. It can be boring sitting in on yet another of the classes that I myself teach. However, I do have the freedom this time to get up and leave for a few minutes if I just can't sit still. Several of the guys at work have volunteered to go downrange (Iraq or Afghanistan) as support people for our software. It is really good money for a year. These guys are mostly retired Army, so they are used to being deployed away from home so it's not quite the same as a family man who has never been gone for long stepping up to do this. The dynamics at work are changing, though, and it's difficult to see far ahead.

I may be going back to Germany in January. We would go in support of another team. Not sure how that works, if we two teams work independently, or if our team works mostly under the other team lead's direction. I will feel much more comfortable this time around. I need to study German road signs, and maybe some of the language in general.

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