Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Running Around

I spent the morning yesterday just doing basic cleanup, then headed over to Mom and Dad's. Mom took me to get the truck from the shop, and followed me home. Then we went to a mall to eat and I went to Sears and got some tool boxes. Mom suggested we take them back to my place since they fit in her van, but wouldn't fit well in the Jeep which was back at their place. So, back here and the pain of trying to get something in the house that is too bulky to just pick up. I really need to get at least one of the doors set up so that it is easy to get in here. Then, back to their place where I tried again to load pictures on the digital picture frames I got them for Christmas. I was unsuccessful. They are set up to use a memory care I guess, and only threw in loading the internal memory on them as a joke. Home again, with the smaller of the frames with me. I'll try today.

I left the toolboxes boxed in the small hall in front of the washer and dryer inside the back door. I was able to barely slide by. I heard the housemate doing laundry in the middle of the night when he came in from work. I'm not sure how he managed to get to the washer or dryer. Today I'll finish putting them together and continue sorting tools. It is difficult for me, seeing the unsorted mess of tools and pulling things out. I thought that it would be a good feeling, but all I feel is shame that I let them get so unorganized and overwhelmed at all the STUFF I have. Nice stuff, that should have been taken better care of.

I forgot the cat food, and they are on the last bits, so I will need to go get that. Of course, I get stuff that I need a pet store to find, which is back up by the mall. And, it's a good thing that I froze the bananas that I want to make banana bread out of because I also forgot to stop and get eggs. I do have my home made bean soup, and home made bread. I did get that far.

I stayed up past midnight playing a solitaire game on the laptop. As a result I am getting a later start today. Onward and upward...

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  1. I started at the beginning but then decided, just to get an idea of how things were progressing, to look at year-end postings (or thereabouts). I've had to back-track once in a while for context's sake but, but, like, what I *really* want to know is WHERE ARE ALL THE *CAT* PICTURES?

    Merry Solstice!! (2016)