Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, February 21, 2009


esterday after work my co-worker and her husband brought their truck and helped me move all the big stuff out of my storage unit and over to the trailer. I have plastic tubs of many colors ringing my front deck at this point. I'll go over in a few minutes and get the last of the smaller stuff, and then I will at least have all my things out here in one place. Now that my ankle is not hurting and feeling weak as much my attitude is improving. This morning I went over to the small State Park near me and hike about a mile. It was a good test of my leg and ankle, and they passed pretty much. It did hurt to climb into the Jeep after the hike, but I did ok after that. The hike was nice. Things here are still green even in winter. Damp, chilly, and green are not what I'm used to. Still, it was good to get outside again and get some exercise.

One day this week I was driving to work and happened to look off to the side of the interstate. There was this HUGE mountain right there that I hadn't noticed being able to see till then. It's Mt. Rainier. Kinda hard to miss when it's clear out. It is strange, cause from here to there seems to be pretty flat, then the mountain just kinda appears. I'll drive over there soon. I'm waiting on the roads to have some chance of being open up in the higher elevations. It's about an hour away, I think.

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