Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We got let out early today because it snowed. I thought that Nashville was a bit slow with snow after moving there from Indiana. Back in Indiana if I didn't hear the snow plow on my residential street by 6am on days it snowed I was miffed. In Nashville, the main roads got plowed on a fairly regular basis if it was snowing, but the secondaries were on their own for the most part till it quit snowing. The word was, stay put till 10am or so and let it just melt. Here, they apparently don't own plows at all. Even on the interstate there was no evidence of any snow plows and it snowed all day. The temp was 35-39 degrees, so it was more slush than anything. The grass is green under the snow. It's funny, but I finally warmed up when it started snowing. The damp chilliness went away.

Yesterday on my way out the door for my first day of work I missed the bottom step off my deck and twisted my ankle. I've been gimping around work. Great first impression. For the most part no one really cares I'm there at this point anyway. Not that anyone is unfriendly. I'm just not a part of their world yet. In the military (from my limited experience) folks tend to 'stay in their lane' and concentrate on what is needed for what they are responsible for. I'm still working on what I need to have the credentials to do my job. It's a slow process. However, work is very low-stress at this point.

Between the snow today, and the sore ankle yesterday I haven't moved anything more over from the storage unit. It is frustrating not to have my stuff. For the most part things I reach for and don't have are things I did bring with me, they are just over in the unit. I think dish washing detergent (which I did go buy tonight) and wastebaskets (I need to get soon) are the only things I know I need that I didn't bring with me.

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