Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Now I'm Worried

I got the truck filled up with gas and turned in. Cannibal, you did good on the repair to the carrier where I ran the fender into the concrete, it wasn't even mentioned. Then I applied for the mobile home at the park next to the storage place. Most likely I can move in starting Friday. So, I extended my stay here at the hotel through Saturday morning. It will take several trips to get me, the cats, and the stuff in the room over to the mobile home. After that I went to dinner at a place close to the hotel, which turned out to be an oriental buffet. I ate as much there as I have in the entire time since I left Nashville. After that I went to Cabellas and looked around. No hammock stands there right now. Did see a hammock in a box, so I'm pretty sure I was in the area where they would have been. This may call for a trip to REI in Seattle this weekend. So, things are falling into place after all the adventure of first going to Germany for 3 weeks, then hearing about the layoff and worrying about it over the Holidays, then finding out I would be laid off and starting the job search, they getting laid off, breaking down and applying for the job out here, getting hired, packing up the house, loading the truck, driving for 4 days straight, unloading the truck, finding a place to live...

Oh, why am I now worried? My fortune cookie at the oriental buffet? It said: Soon your life will get more interesting.

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