Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Or rather, lack of it. After the push of getting things done I last wrote about, I crashed and burned again for a couple of weeks. I'm coming out of it a bit now. Yesterday I went to a local yarn shop and got some cotton to make dishcloths. I am changing the technique I use to knit, from English to Continental. For you normal folks, that means that instead of holding the yarn in my right hand as I have for 40+ years, I'm learning to hold it in my left hand. There will be advantages as I get better at it. For now, a flat dishcloth is a good thing to make while I get used to the new movements I need to make with the needles and yarn. Which brings me to a give-away. I was the honored recipient of a beautiful set of 4 fabric coasters from MadCap. I have been inspired to return the favor, so she gets this first dishcloth if it turns out remotely useful. Actually, I'm really liking the feel of the cotton I got to make it. However, I think I have at least 3 other readers here, so if any of you would like a hand made cotton dishcloth, just comment telling me so. If I don't have your email address, we'll figure out some way to connect so I can get it to you. This is also my way to get into the energy of the blogosphere where these giveaways happen on a regular basis with the hobby oriented blogs. At this point I can't imagine more of you wanting one than I can make, and if I get bored I may change to a hat or something instead to give away. I've a lot of yarn in my stash to make up into something. I still bought some more yesterday...

I joined Costco last weekend. While I was shopping they were demoing liquid vitamin D. I tried some and my body kept telling me that I wanted more. So, I added the two bottles of it to my cart and I'm taking a shot of it every night. It tastes really good. Can't really say that it is why I'm getting more perky now, but it can't be hurting.

Next Friday I have this broken tooth surgically extracted. It is time, and I'm looking forward to having it gone. Not to say I'm looking forward to the process. I have prescriptions for Valium and antibiotics. I'll walk to the dentist's office .75 mile away, and get picked up and brought home by Cindi on her lunch break. Time to find my missing generic Ipod, or figure out how to put songs on my IPhone, and load up a lot of heavy rock and roll to listen to while in the chair. I haven't taken Valium since the 70's.

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