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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moving Along

My tooth (or lack of) is now basically healed. I had one day where I went back on pain medication, but for the most part it's over. I'll have an implant sometime in the next 6 months. Now it's time to work on the next big health issue: new glasses. I'll start the research on that this week. I'm using my health account money for that, and am hoping to get contacts this time. Some places will give me contacts, some won't. The time I got them, I was part way through the process and lost my job, and at the time my insurance, so I just went back to the glasses I had already gotten.

The home organization is proceeding. The spare bedroom is straightened up now. I could have company stay in there and have room to put an air mattress on the floor. I just did hand laundry, and discovered that a wool sweater that has been set back to be washed for however long has a large hole in it. This sweater has been darned several times already and was one I only wore around the house anyway. Another thing out of the house, although if I'd taken better care of it maybe the moths wouldn't have eaten it. As I unpack the smaller boxes and suitcases I'm finding the things I'd wondered where they got off to. Sets of things are getting all their parts back in one place. Items are getting washed down and put away neatly. I'm getting organized. Finally.

Reading a blog from a 30-something tonight has me feeling old. He is new-age enough that the use of technology comes as easy as breathing to him it seems. He has everything on-line and organized. I am old-school enough to worry about a 3rd party having that much of my personal information locked away in their servers instead of in my own hands. Google somewhat frightens me with it's gathering of all of my personal details. I'm one of the ones who wrote a nasty note to them for opening up my email contacts to the world in order to 'help' me 'connect' with everyone and tell them all my personal thoughts 24/7 via their new 'BUZZ'. I don't subscribe to any personal networking sites other than these two blogs, which are the same whether you are seeing it on LiveJournal or Blogger. I have no need to constantly hear (read?) my friends 140 character thoughts. I prefer the longer format of a journal, or heck, give me a call. I do have the cell phone and it is even sometimes on and near enough to me I can hear it. As for finding my old school chums and such, I didn't particularly fit in or like them when we went to school together. My 20th reunion solidified that thought, and I've not gone back. Why would I want to find them, or have them find me, on facebook or some such site? Google buzz can buzz off. I did find the link to turn it off. I had already found a different mail client to use if I couldn't disable it on gmail.

So, now that I've confessed and vented, I think I'll finish my Sunday evening off by starting the process of doing my taxes. I know it's early. Heck, it isn't April yet, so there's no hurry.

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