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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project finished

Here is the dishcloth I finally finished. Somewhere near the end, just today, I finally relaxed into the Continental method of knitting - holding the yarn in my left hand rather than my right - and started enjoying knitting again. So, this project has done what I wanted. That was the first reason for knitting dishcloths again. The second reason will come to pass when I get it in the mail this week to MadCap, which was to return her kindness in sending me the fabric coasters sitting next to the dishcloth in the picture. Now I will start Cathy's dishcloth. Then, I have a few other projects lined up.

I have a large amount of acrylic yarn left from the days I used to knit with that type of yarn. These days I usually use natural fibers such as wool, cotton or bamboo. What to do with this still pretty yarn was my problem. Friday I was reading an article in Guideposts (a Christian magazine that a co-worker brings in) where the author was describing how what he 'needed' to do was put in front of him despite his continued pushing it away. At the end of the article was a small blurb that said that if you were participating in the 'Knit for Kids' project to send it to this new address. Hmmmm. I searched online and found the pattern they use, which is very simple and just a step above my dishcloths in difficulty. I also saw that this could be a way to continue to practice, to use up my acrylic yarn, and to do some good in the process. We'll see how far my good intentions get with this.

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