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Saturday, February 13, 2010

One Step Forward?

Yesterday I had the broken tooth pulled. It wasn't that bad an experience, thanks to various pills and 'laughing' gas. I wasn't laughing so much, but other than my fingers making permanent imbedded marks on their chair due to stress (there was no pain involved at all) it was not as bad as I had thought. It does feel strange to have this LARGE gap on one side of my mouth. In a few months I hope to get an implant. However, from this point on my over all health should improve. I have high hopes anyway. I'm on antibiotics that I asked for just in case. I have several types of painkillers. So far, I'm tapering off a bit on them. I'll keep up the Motrin for a few days yet just in case.

I am working on the dishcloths. I was making beginner mistakes, and forgetting how to knit. Since this is something I've done since I was 10, it is difficult for me to be in this space. Holding the yarn is an issue, can't seem to find a way to keep the right tension on it holding it in my left hand. That will come. I was also knitting into the stitch wrong. All in all, I've started the first 'production' dishcloth. I'm trying to stay out of trouble for the next few weeks, so knitting should be front and center. Cathy, have you in the queue. Soon as MadCap's is in the post to Canada, your's will be next.

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