Monday, August 30, 2010

More clothes gone

I keep picking up piles of clothes and putting them into bags, and eventually they migrate to the back of the Jeep and then to Goodwill.  My dishes are almost all packed up, even though the shippers may end up repacking them.  It's easier to have them out of sight so I can see what I have yet to make decisions on.  Made my definite, final plans this weekend on what was shipping where, and first thing at work got an email from the contact down in Honduras who basically is steering  me towards a furnished apartment.  I figure he knows more than I do what I need at this point.  So, stuff in TN will stay there for now, other than what I go through and get rid of while I'm there next month.  I'm ready to be on the road, emotionally.  No where near ready in reality.  The apartment looks like a bomb went off inside.  I did find my many short sleeved polo shirts tonight.  I haven't been wearing them while out here in WA, the weather mostly has me in long sleeves.  In this case, I'll be back to wearing them again so it's good that I kept them.  The dress code is collared shirts and jeans.  I just got a whole slew of not collared tops that I've been wearing for the past 2 years.  sigh. 

Tomorrow serious packing of the suitcases I'm flying down with and the tough boxes that I'm mailing.  That will leave what needs shipped down, and what needs to be gotten rid of.  Almost sounds like I have a plan.  Don't believe it.  I'm making it up as I go.

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