Saturday, January 01, 2011

A challenge

One of the women who's blog I follow just stated the intention to blog every day in January. Seems like a good catalyst for me to do the same. And, just for Ben, I'll also put pictures in.

There seems to be a misconception that there are oodles of interesting things all around me, and I'm just not posting about them. Sorry. It's not that interesting down here. That has been a bit of a surprise to me,too. The good and the bad is that it really isn't all that different than up in the States as far as basic geography goes. There is more dust, fewer paved roads and streets. It's a bit like living in East LA from what I'm told as far as the danger level goes. Never have lived in LA I'll go with that analogy anyway.

There are pyramids, but they are a 5 or 6 hour drive from here. I'm told I should also take along another $300 besides the cost of travel and lodging to pay to do other interesting things there like horse back riding since the ruins take maybe a half day. The beach is also a drive or short flight away at Roatan. I do plan on heading there, but money is an issue with these trips. I'm also wanting to head back to the States for a long weekend, and I need to budget for each of these trips.

So, enjoy the pictures of what I have. Travel channel? No. Just life. These pictures are from the shop on Post. Interestingly, they have as good a selection, and better prices, of any place else I've seen so far. Handmade hammocks and hammock chairs. I got a hammock chair at Valley of the Angels like the 2 on the left in the middle picture. It's not as comfortable as I'd hoped. I'm still playing with it.

And so, the New Year is started. Happy 1-1-11.


  1. A hammock chair? Never heard of one. Bet they don't have much in back support.

  2. Got to admit that they do use some colorful materials. I got one of the hammock chairs out in the barn now.. It hung out side under a tree for years. Once you get used to it. quite comfortable.

  3. Just from the photos, it looks like it's more colorful where you're at now, aside from all the other same-ness-es.

  4. I've found that most folks who "get into trouble"... weren't payin' attention in the first place... so... i'm thinkin' one of the reasons you guys don't run across any/much... is you're aware!

    Most of the interesting is in the small bits that everybody else seems to look past... searching for the Big, Spotlighted, 19th wonder of the world...

    I'm gettin' slow enough in my old age... I'm comin' to prefer the "small bits"... a few at a time, rather than the rush and hoopla of the "Big Attractions"

  5. Hammocks? I think your hammock standards are a little higher than the usual turista hammock shopper.