Four Peaks in snow

Monday, January 03, 2011


This was taken a couple of weeks ago when the circus was still here. The light was really neat in the way it reflected and highlighted the white building against the darker hill. The point and shoot camera didn't capture it well. I also need to go up at least one floor to take a good picture without the hotel banner in the way. If nothing else, the need to take pictures to post will make me want a better camera and be more aware of my angle when I'm shooting.

Time to take the camera with me again since I'm now officially out of new pictures. I'm doing laundry tonight, which means that I'm going up and down 3 steep flights of stairs multiple times. The machines are in the basement, and I live on the 3rd floor, with no elevator here. I also started my official workout routine after work tonight, so my poor legs are going to let me know by tomorrow I'm sure. Also, the beginning Spanish class starts again tomorrow night, so it will be late when I get home. I do at least have an idea of what I want to take a picture of for tomorrow. I do wish I'd had the camera on my walk this evening as one of the cats that wander the post came up and was friendly. While I was giving the cat some lovin' one of the local fowl, which I'm not sure if it's a large duck or goose, wandered close like it wanted some petting, too. It didn't get within touching distance, but was definitly wanting to participate in some manner. So, I was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, petting and scratching a wiggling cat while talking to a large fowl. Guess I should get a picture of it, too.

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  1. how bout this translator page? it'll do phrases and sentences..