Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I read Froggi Donna's blog where she explained how to back up a Blogger blog.  One of my blogs is there (you are probably reading the blog there...) and both blogs are the same, so I took her advice.  I do go back and re-read my older entries to see where my mind and body were and to try to figure out just how I ended up where I am at times.  After making sure I had secured my blog's past, I started down my list of blogs I read.  I hadn't been online last night, so I had a couple of days' worth of writing to catch up on.  On Madcap's blog I first read that a blogger friend of hers died this weekend from a fall.  I went and read that person's blog, and the entry that explained what happened.  Then I went back to Madcap's blog and the entry from the day before that told that the blogger that had lead me to Madcap's blog has also died.  Jim's politics were a bit extreme for me, but I thought often that I'd like to see his place in California, and maybe share a glass of wine with him and his wife Peggy while petting Dallas their dog.  Again, family members are writing about the blogger, but in this case I don't see what happened to cause his death.

I am now thinking that while I've managed to assure that my blog won't be lost to the ozone if Blogger would happen do disappear, I haven't  really done much to make sure that people who only know me through my blog would know if 'something happened' to me to cause me to disappear.  Turtle Lady would know to comment, but I need to get her my passwords.  I tend to play Murphy against himself.  What I am prepared to have happen tends to not happen.  It's the things I don't take precautions for that catch me off guard.  That's why I made up my will before I moved down here.  Ok, I actually got it drawn up and signed just days before, but that counts.

And those of you whose blogs I follow - be careful out there.  I don't like logging on and reading bad news like that.

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  1. hmmm... having dealt with two significant computer convulsions... you'd think a guy would be religious 'bout backin' things up... wouldn't you? :o) nah...

    ... where's the adventure in that? :o) I still really need to be more disciplined about doing the proper "paperwork" though, adventurous spirit or not!