Thursday, March 07, 2013

Chicago It Is

I am in Chicago, and it would seem I'll be here for awhile. I'm working for the same company I worked for in Honduras, but a different contract. So far I've been in training this week, and I managed to pass the final test for the class. That gets me more training next week.

I need to head to Mom's to change the stuff I have with me as I have way too much in my Jeep, and I don't have some things I need. I need more winter clothes! Chicago got snow all week, which I had managed to avoid up until I got here. I remember why I moved south! I don't need 'interview' clothes as I will be employed at least for awhile now.

So far, so good. The only down side is that my internet access is spotty. I'm working on that so I can update more often.


  1. Good luck on your new position, but wouldn't it have been better down south, maybe in this area near Houston?

  2. How far is your mom's house from Chicago? Have you had to put snow chains in your Jeep?

    Best of luck with the training and I am so happy you are once again employed.

    Take care and keep us posted when you can.

  3. Good news on the job! Must be a big change from life in Central America?

    Looks like I'll be joining the ranks of the working oldsters again soon. Don't really want to, but that paycheck is nice. Guess I wont get the garden in this year but I did get 3 fruit trees stuck in the ground last week.

    Headed out west to Terlingua next week.

    We've been following your blog for several months and really enjoy it.

    Stay warm!!

    Bigfoot in Ft Worth