Saturday, March 02, 2013

Meet the new boss...

Same as the old boss. My conracting company has signed me on to get training in Chicago starting Tuesday. I started wrapping things up here in Nashville by getting a permit to tear off the front deck, and starting the process of getting a permit to build a landing back. Next up is packing up and finding room in the Jeep for not only all the stuff I brought out here from Mom's, but also all the stuff I bought to be able to live in the vacant house. I won't be getting back to Mom's in the near future to off-load the things I don't need and pick up some of the stuff that has since arrived from Honduras that I'd like to have with me, but I'll make do. I'll be living out of hotel rooms for as far out as I can see right now.

It has been good to be back in my house for a few days. Even if it is snowing right now. I managed to avoid snow for most of 4 years, but it has caught up with me. Hopefully it will be gone by the time I leave here to head north on Monday morning. So far everything is working out better than I could have thought possible.


  1. Congrats on the new job, but I wouldn't want to go to Chicago.

  2. Super news, enjoy sure to take warm clothing, it gets really cold there!

  3. I hope you enjoy your new position.

  4. Congratulations on being hired. Your old bosses must of thought highly of you to have contracted you again and in the states no less.

    I do not envy you one bit having to go to Chicago for training but a girl has got to do...what a girl has got to do.

    Please keep us updated.