Friday, May 03, 2013

Settling In

Once again they needed something for the background check that came in late yesterday. Hopefully next week I can finally do something at work. Laying low and staying out of trouble when I don't have anything to do is not one of my strong points. If I could log into a computer and start studying something, anything, I would be happy, but I can't really touch a computer while I'm there.

On the home front I'm getting a bit more organized. Still very little furniture. I did buy a small folding table to put the printer and cable modem on. I'll do more shopping around this weekend. I'm only buying things that I reach for out of habit and get truly annoyed when I don't have whatever it is. Kleenex in the bathroom, wastebasket, something to keep the various underwears corralled. Something that was second tier (second shopping trip when I moved in) was hangers. These are things I don't pack usually, and always need when I get where I'm going. On short trips I use inflatable hangers, and wonder why everyone doesn't think they are as awesome and I think they are. However, I ended up buying 4 packs of 18 before it was all said and done. I do have a few empty, but not many. I do have a walk in closet here.

Lots of projects bubbling in the back of my mind. Lots I want to get out and see. Any suggestions for the immediate area of Phoenix that I should do/not do/check out/avoid are welcome (Thanks DD for your suggestion!).


  1. South Mountain at night, the lights after dark are stunning. Go up right before dark and watch the city light up. The White Tanks west of town have some really nice hiking trails. There are some really nice places to hike in town, too. Of course, there are the Superstitions and Mining Camp Restaurant on the way to Tortilla Flats; if dirt roads and switch-backs don't bother you just keep heading up and the road leads to Roosevelt Lake.

    Culturally, if you get a chance to catch something at Grady-Gammage on the ASU campus go for it. The building is a Frank Lloyd Wright design and is acoustically perfect as well as a beautiful building.

    And like any big city there are areas to avoid but you will know them when you drive through them.

    Have tons of fun while you are there!

  2. I love going to Sky Harbor Airport and watching jets land. Many great Mexican food places.

  3. Slowly but surely everything is coming together for you. I have no doubt you will soon get your clearance and will be busy doing your magic with computers.

    Have a good weekend.