Four Peaks in snow

Friday, June 22, 2018

It was a.good trip

As a shakedown trip it went very well. The North Rim is beautiful but very different than the South Rim. The Canyon is pretty much the same, but the infrastructure is different. I only spent one night in the area, so that may be part of my opinion. I do like that dispersed (read free) camping is available closer to the Park. I also like that due to the higher elevation there are trees around the outside of the park which makes the camping much more enjoyable. I'll go back at some point.

The car works well for camping. I can sleep in it just fine. I do need to tweak a few things, but they are minor. All things considered, I hope to do more traveling in the car now.

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  1. Nice that you were able to enjoy that area, , car camping, sounds like fun.

  2. I do tent camping all the it. Never tried sleeping in car though.