Sunday, June 03, 2018

New places

My part time shuttle job, if you can call it that, has me learning about new spots. Typically I'm seeing parts of town I had no idea existed. This past week a guy who was camping out in the forests came in to town for supplies and his truck threw a rod. He called for a shuttle back to his campsite and Jerry had me do the run. I ended up finding out about a while new area of cping spots that is right on the rim. I probably won't take the motorhome up there but I may run up and camp overnight sometime to get out of town. Living in the trees now makes that not as important, but I want to get a car camping setup that I'm comfortable with for future trips back East.

So far I've talked myself down from the addi knitting needles. I found a set the right size and length (100 cm) to finish the shawl in my sets of bamboo needles. For some reason I had given up on the bamboo sets and gone back to the metal ones, but for now it is working ok. I'm 2 skeins of yarn in out of 5, so it won't be finished for awhile. This project is to relax between the baby caps.

I will do laundry today and start packing and getting sorted for my quick trip back to Missouri to see my Uncle. He is back in the hospital again as they try to get his medicines sorted out. I fly out on the 12th. I had told him I'd come out every couple of months to see him.

I'm settled into my summer.

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  1. Nice to hear from you again and glad you are keeping busy, safe travels.