Monday, June 05, 2023

Catching Up

 I did finally get the header picture to post at the correct size.  I just don't do this stuff much anymore.  It took two different editing programs, but I finally got it.

Let's see.  I own 2 Class A motorhomes, a 1997 and a 1994.  I was using the 1997 one for storage as when the fridge door fell off after I had just put a lot of money into the rig I gave up and bought the other one.  I've been living in the '94 Pace Arrow for a couple of years now and really like it.  It is smaller that the other on in that it is more narrow and isn't as tall.  Those things take away inside space.  It is a better quality motorhome, though.

When I decided to start going to Quartzsite for the winter next winter I really didn't want to tow the car all the way from the summer town to Q, about 5 hours, maybe 6 in the motorhomc.  I decided that I needed to see if I should say last rites over the '97 rig and sell it to salvage it or try to resurrect it.  My friend Mike was able to put the fridge door back on (the fridge works), and so I started cleaning it out and getting it ready to live in.  Original plan was to bring the '94 rig up here, get both rigs set up to live in, and take one or the other to Q and leave the other here.  Issues at the park in AJ made me not want to vacate my lot for the summer there, so I've been running back and forth emptying the one up here, and getting the other one emptied of things that the extreme heat in the Valley would affect.

The last couple of weeks of May my Aunt Carol and I went on a 'free' cruise to Alaska that the casino gave me.  Our 'free' cruise cost around $2K all in, which is ok, I guess.  We had fun.  I flew back to Phoenix on May 30th late, got up on the 31st and loaded the car up.  Original plan was to have the electricity (and air conditioning...) turned off the next day.  I was too tired from everything to get it all loaded that day so I gave myself until yesterday to go back and finish.  I now have everything that NEEDS to be out of the heat brought up here.  Electricity is to be turned off today.  Which reminds me that I haven't gotten the text yet.  I turned off the fridge and air conditioner and shut off the water before I left.  I'll go down over the summer at least once a month, probably more often, and start the motorhome and check on things.

I am not sure at this point which motorhome will stay up here and which will go to Quartzsite.  I knew I needed to get this one handled to either get rid of or live in.  So far it is fine to live in with a few things I want to fix.  That is just part of living in an RV, though.

And that is how I spent last winter.


  1. That's a lot of rving . Always good to see a post from you.

  2. Wow! You have been busy. Those hinges can be a bugger. One of ours broke in the middle of the night in the Yucatan jungle and it took Norma and I all the rest of the night to fix it using a metal "L" bracket, screws, and two part epoxy all of which we had on hand. It has been probably 15 years and it is still working! I am happy to hear you are going to start making better use of the second motorhome and it will be nice to have one in Q, I think you will fit in well there. You sailed right past my house and I didn't know it! LOL. This is Croft BTW, I don't think Blogger is going to let me post under my account.

  3. Croft, yes I knew I was close. We went on the ocean side going up and coming back. We got into Victoria at 8pm. I had originally planned to see if you could come down while we were there but it was so late I didn't bother asking. Tried to take my Aunt to the place you took me at Fisherman's Warf for fish and chips but it was closed by the time we walked over there.