Thursday, June 15, 2023

Report so far

 I haven't walked yet.  I need to drive for my shuttle boss (not really a boss, more a friend) in a bit so my weekly (hopefully) walk is postponed until tomorrow.  I now have my hiking boots, hiking poles, pink backpack (so I can be easily spotted if necessary), water bottles and such in place.  It is still overkill, but as I go longer I may need any or all of it.  I noticed my ankles were talking to me a bit after my approximately one mile hike last week.

I was going through things on my computer and found a note labeled 'books'. Only 2 listed, and one was a knitting author whose book of patterns I've already purchased.  The other was 'The Most Human Human' by Brian Christian.  I've got it up in PDF form and read the first chapter.  So far, what I've learned is that I really, really need new glasses.  Moving to the actual book, it is about how he was a 'human' in a Turing Test contest against AI chatbots.  In a 5 minute conversation with a judge, who also has a 5 min conversation with an AI chatbot, he tries to let the judge know he is the 'human'.  There is an award for the most human human, the one who won the most votes from the judges as the human.  From what I've reado so far he is going to go into great depth about what makes humans human.  This is the first thing I've voluntarily stepped up to that I have to actually think about for awhile.  Time will tell if I make it though the entire thing.  Also, how wonderful is the internet and the places that put these types of book into PDF form to be accessible to random folks searching for obscure things.

For the knitters, the other book is about Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise jacket.  At some point I'll make a child's size to learn the method, and I already have some Noro yarn bought specifically to make that jacket for myself.

Croft, I knew I was close.  We got to Victoria at 8pm.  I originally had hoped to put out an invitation to join us for a drink or fish and chips.  It didn't work out that time, but I do have a trip up your way penciled in for either later this summer or next summer.

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  1. Our paths will cross one day! Good luck with your hiking! I have to start doing the same. ( was using bad weather as an excuse but now I have no excuses!