Friday, June 09, 2023

Two is a trend

 I went up to the Highline trail again yesterday.  My modest goal of once a week walking on an actual trail seems to be achievable.  I went twice as far as the week before and had less trouble breathing.  I think my breathing issue is more allergies to whatever is putting out pollen than it is elevation, but I haven't been able to isolate it since I've been coming up here.  As the season goes on I have less trouble breathing.  But then, it isn't spring anymore after awhile, either.

I sometimes drive a shuttle for a guy here in town.  I drove two days so far this week, and am scheduled for 2 more next week.  It gives me a bit of spending money during the summer.

I hope today to make progress on things around the place, and tomorrow I'll go down to the other RV and get the things I keep reaching for and remember they are at the 'other' place.  I am hoping that it will get easier to have two places as I get settled more.  I definitely have at least 2 of everything I own, I just need to get what needs to be where it needs to be.

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