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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Caught up, sorta

All the effort to clean the house has had the benefit that I have taken the past week to rest up and the house still looks good. I am at another plateau moving-wise. I have enough stuff moved out of the house that it isn't nearly as cluttered. I'm sure in a few weeks (if it doesn't sell before then) I'll look around and get rid of some more stuff (by moving it to the other house, no points for actually decluttering). I need to spend some time mowing the yard this weekend, but for the most part this place is ok. The other place is totally neglected. I still don't know quite what to do about it.

There was a couple that wanted to look at the house after work yesterday. They couldn't get to the open house last weekend, and I'm not sure why they wanted to wait till this weekend to see it, but there you go. So, I made sure the house was show ready when I left for work yesterday. My realtor called me already talking about what to do when the offer came in. He was pumped after talking to them. They already live in a place smaller than this one, and since the size is what most folks say is the problem, he was sure this couple would be the ones. I went to Rivergate Mall after work and walked around a bit. Went to the dollar store and got some pens (I lose them all the time in this job, as I need to jot my time and mileage down as I go) and some bathroom cleaner. I'm getting better at just buying what I need rather than 'stocking up'. As I got some supper at the food court my realtor called and said that the couple had been confused. They thought the house was 2 counties away, not over where it is. They aren't interested after all. My realtor was crestfallen. Oh, well. I came home.

I'm getting more comfortable in the job. I do need to work on certifications this weekend, too. Now that my body doesn't ache when I move and I am caught up on sleep I can concentrate more. I'm still in the holding pattern, but I have the survival items in line now. I also need to cook some of the food that I've gotten from the CSA. I can't keep up with it. I knew I wouldn't, but it still feels strange to have a fridge full of odd things that I don't really quite know how to make into food.

I read a lot of other blogs regularly, especially the ones on that are the folks hiking the Appalachian Trail. I check them daily usually. I always hope that there is a daily update, and tend to get loyal to the blogs that are updated frequently. Given that, you'd think I'd update this one more often. I waited till this morning, a Saturday, when I had plenty of time to ponder and pontificate so that I could add my thoughts to the blogosphere. But, now that I'm here I forgot all the neat little things that I thought 'I should write about that' when they happened during the week. Hopefully I will start making more frequent, if shorter, posts.

Oddball just called, and I'm off to help him and Naienko move today. I need more coffee and to wake up a bit more. Should be fun. More so for me I'm sure than for them. It is more fun to watch other people move all their possessions around packed in boxes and man-handled around than it is to have my own possessions in such a state of disarray.

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