Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Mom called from the hospital. Seems that if she hadn't had a problem before, they made sure she had one. She had the pains that had prompted the doctor to send her there again during the night. They put her on oxygen and a nitro patch. These gave her a headache, and she had them removed. They also ran more tests, which meant that she got little sleep. Dad had called her this morning, and apparently I had let him take the wrong pill holder into his bedroom, the am one stays on the kitchen table and the pm one stays in his bedroom. He took his morning pills (about 10 of various ones) last night instead of his evening pills (only 3), and since the water pills are in the am routine he ended up going to the bathroom all night. He had 'washed up' (mom usually helps him with his bath), and gotten his pants on, but no socks since he didn't think he could get his socks on by himself. At this point Mom has told the nurses that she is going home today if she just has to get up and walk out. The nurse said that the doctor would most likely want her to stay till Monday when they can do more tests. Mom says she can't just lay there at $150/day co-pay waiting for Monday. It may get interesting. If she doesn't get out by noon, I'll go check on my Dad. They live an hour from me or I'd have gone over this morning already. sigh.

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  1. That must be a difficult situation to try to balance. Best luck. I hope your mum gets well soon.